Moderation. When I knew the word and when it didn’t cross my mind.

I can’t claim that the ‘foodie’ age has revolutionised me from a binge eating addict to a healthy wholefood lifestyle.

In fact I was the girl that packed carrots and hummus in my lunch through primary school. One because we didn’t have the selection of the cute packeted snacks my classmates devoured, and also because eating healthy nutritious food was normal in my family. I was very fortunate for that.

But wasn’t full of self-control like that makes out. I have loved chocolate my whole life. Addicted suits. Chips, pastries, sweeties were definitely consumed.. it was just always in moderation. OH and burnt off with copious sporting commitments. OH OH and the supposid ‘fast metabolism’ (I think that was just the term everyone used because they didn’t enjoy running as much as I did).

But then came fresher year at University. Moderation? Never heard of it. My ‘fast metabolism’ was not going to save me this time!

Moving out of home and feeling the freedom like cold morning air hitting your lungs. The food I consumed reflected this. And with a student budget you can go figure.

Ever heard or experienced the infamous fresher ‘5’ that university students supposedly gain? Yeah me neither. I only knew about my individualised fresher ‘15’ that I existed first year with.

This was my first health lesson.

I consumed similar quantities of food I had all my life, I was training more than I had all my whole life AND I had less time to over snack as I was so so busy. Despite this, I piled on a cosy covering of hall processed food, deserts, Rob Roys ice cream (about 3 scoops was their ‘one’ scoop – ahhhhhh bargain!), beer towers and bread. Otago was cold, so I should have been more grateful. Plus I was always so bony, at least I was spongier to hug?

Here comes the ‘lesson’. How I analysed this…’change’ (i say this with a scowl as im still confused why i did that to myself). From a wiser more sophisticated me (I like to think so) i have come to conclude it’s as simple as nutrients.

The amount of food I had eaten since I was little may have been the same quantity as university hall food, but the food was hoarded with sugar, bad trans fats, over processed and the nutritional levels were poor (more like non existent to be fair). Product = weight gain + poor energy + declining health (ill go into this another time).

The human body is pretty amazing at bouncing back into good shape with decreasing these foods and increasing nutrients. And mine did just that with changing my food back to simple wholefoods that I had grown up on (because I ran out of money to buy bigger clothes and actually wanted to wear a bikini that summer).

So moderation, yes. But nutritious food most importantly. We only have one body, one ‘earth suit’, so why feed it food that will limit living to the maximum?

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