My ‘How To’s’

Often it can be daunting reading blogs or articles about ways to transform you life. Too complex. Your a beginner? You don’t have the extra cash for facials and fancy holidays to become more culturally aware and inspired?

That’s fine. And now ill annoyingly reiterate to you (what you actually already know you just tuck it into the ‘one day’ pile)…. that you can’t use these as excuses. Improving your lifestyle, eating better and living a more grounded life CAN + IS actually very simple.

I say start small. CELEBRATE the small.

As your typical university student I found ways that didn’t cost me anything, could fit into a busy busy lifestyle and still allowed me to do the things my souls needed… yes chocolate and yes alcohol. Because in the holistic scheme its all about balance. These worked for me. Improving health, happier thoughts, more my love for myself AND the world (it shouldn’t just be the children who smell the roses and find the cobwebs)… and i could go on. I was more ME.

Chances are they will work for you too. Here they are.


You eat anyway, so nourish yourself. 


Get outside into nature. Feel the energy it gives out, and enjoy feeling a part of something bigger than yourself and your life.

Kindness and Peace 

Treat yourself with kindness and peace ALL the time. You deserve it and you need it. Not just when your stressed or run down, all the time to prevent this.

Yoga, meditation, putting your legs up the wall of 10 minutes, beach walks, cups of tea, lavender baths… Whatever makes you feel at peace and slows you down.

Be easy on yourself, cut out the harsh words and replace them with empowering positive personal affirmations. Say them to yourself often, when you wake up is great. These could be complementing your body or how you dealt with a situation.


Love yourself. Love your life. I have often tried many ways to ground myself in my own gratitude for what I have. One of the best was through writing something you are grateful for each day in a book (a pretty book!). Some days you may have the desire to look back at all of the things you were grateful for, especially on days everything is that bit gloomier. Or list off 5 or so things before drifting off to sleep that you were grateful for today.


Expect good and good will come to you.

Speak well of your life. Use the present tense. If you stress about money your letting out to the world that you don’t have money. Instead speak as if you already have what you want. “I’m so grateful for my successful career”, “what beautiful health I have”.

The results of positive thinking is justified in many cases. Chronically ill patients is one example where they have miraculously overcome their illness despite all odds. These people have claimed it was because of their positive mind. I agree. Courageous i say.

What makes you happy?

‘Whatever’s good for your soul…do that.’ Hobbies, joys. Often people forget to associate their well being, their lifestyle to the status of their health. Health is holistic and complex. I guess you could relate health to an engine. It could be the cleanest, shiniest and well functioning engine around. You could feed it the perfect amount of organic wholefood oil (haha), the vitamins and minerals the paint is missing. But if the engines joy of being driven doesn’t fit into its busy car life, then will it be happy? You can totally laugh this example out of the water, at least i didn’t suggest the engine likes yoga! But you get the point. You NEED to incorporate your joys into your life for overall health.


We are going back to caveman, historic and holistic lifestyles. Nothing happened at pace. Be easy on yourself. Its not a diet. Its a journey…. a lifestyle (yes i know, another line you’ve heard, but its around for a reason).

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