This is for all the ‘I’m not chronically ill, I’m healthy enough’ suffers.

I know what you’re thinking. You’ve read health and lifestyle blogs. You’ve tried to use their inspiration to change your life. But you struggle to relate. To commit to following the trend (its worth noting that the ‘trend’ often makes the journey laughed upon.. “keeping up with the foodie trend are we”- heard it?).

This often is because these people have changed their lifestyles because of an epiphany (yes yes I too am in that boat). These most often include, being diagnosed or fighting an illness and changing their nutrition and lifestyle to overcome it.

Good on them right!? BUT you’re thinking “do I have a reason to follow this change in lifestyle, to a more mindful, wholefood and healthy way of life?” Perhaps you conclude it, while exiting out of the website, with “I’m not chronically ill, so it’s not a priority for me” or “I’m too busy, I’ll think about it another time”.

If I could get one message to every being on the face of the earth it would be to prioritise your health.

Whether you are ill and you need change, or not, everyone benefits from cleaning up their diet in the modern world and being kind on your body by eliminating stressors through exercise and ‘me’ time.

If you’re the person that is putting it off, or not prioritising it in your life, then I respectfully urge you to rethink your priorities. You deserve to reach your full health, you deserve to be pumping on all four cylinders.

Have you actually considered that acting now could decrease your chances of premature morbidity or mortality in the future? AKA (for those who have had a long day) a LONGER FULLER HEALTHIER LIFE.

I understand that life gets in the way….the busy modern world… you don’t need to remind me, we all know it. But does the thought of being able to face your lists and fit more into your day with optimal health not make you want to jump with joy!? If not, your on your own. We all want good health, but it doesn’t come to the fainthearted.

Turning to a wholefood diet and a healthy active and mindful lifestyle is a direction i recommend. And in all honesty its so simple that once you get used to that you’ll never look back (although don’t be deceived… it’s human nature for all of us to look back on the sweeties shop and seriously rethink LIFE).

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